The “U” Game month continues with, Ups and Downs by Jason Bauer in 1988

As you can tell this is a Connect 4 clone, with some voice sounds added in, which I must admit, is quite a nice touch

You need to get 4 counters in a line, either horizontally, vertically or even diagonally before the other player or computer beats you to it

Sadly the Computer player is programmed rather poorly, and you can in effect win every game, and alas, there is no level selection for the computer, meaning it is set at basic gameplay

While the Game is playable, and has speech in it, I feel it is let down by the non-level selectable computer player, which always tends to move in the same way based on how you place the peices into the grid

There is a lack of sound effects and music here, so do not expect any musical talents here, or even sound effects such as placing the counters or even a “Winning” sound

Publisher: Northern Lakes Soft
Code: Jason Bauer

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