Download – RP9 Files

The following files are only useful to you, If you have paid for, and have downloaded and installed the Amiga Forever Emulation package (shown above)

If you do not have Amiga Forever, These files will be useless to you, as they are specifically designed for use with the Amiga Forever package, But you can still download WinUAE via clicking the link on the Menu

Last Updated: 26 August 2021

Collection 1 contains the following Games: 5K Invaders, 6K Pacman, Amigoids, Amoeba Invaders, Battlements(AMOS), Bobs Garden, Breakout, Cave Runner, Croak! 1 & 2, Deluxe Pacman, Digger, Dithells Wonderland, Donkey Kong, Dozer, Fire and Ice Christmas, Flag Catcher, Fruit Salad, George and the Repton-Clone, Llamatron – 2112, Megaworm, Metal Gear, Mine Runner, Mother Lode, Mouth-Man, Pacman (Kari Pihkala), Pacman (Jeroen Knoester), Pacman 87, Plat-Man, Poweroids, Premier Picks, Snake Pit, Star Defender, Super Pacman 92, Super Twintris, Tetris Pro, Toobz, Top Secret, Trix, Wizzys Quest