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Highlighting some of the Best Amiga Released Public Domain, Shareware and Freeware Games which can be downloaded on this Blog in the Games Collection and also as RP9 Files for Amiga Forever


Here we have, Amiga Monopoly by Al Metz in 1994 The object of the Game is to become the wealthiest player through buying, selling, renting property, and forcing other players into bankruptcy Each Player, picks a counter at the start, and during the Game, throws the Dice, and then moves the number shown on the […]

Rick Dangerous 2.5

Here is Rick Dangerous 2.5 (or 2 1/2) by Microstyle / Core Design in 1991 You star as Rick Dangerous, and your job is to prevent Fat Guy to let an Alien Race take over the world You have Bullets and Bombs, and in Rick Dangerous 2.5 you can even Slide the Bombs across the […]

Deluxe Galaga

This time it is Deluxe Galaga, a Space Invaders Clone, Written by the late Edgar M. Vigdal On starting the Game, you are Warped into a Frenzy of Flying Drones, which your object is to take out, Destroying these will produce one of many drops/pickups which will give your Ship some upgrades, such as Speed, […]

Scorched Tanks

Here is the final Dark Unicorn Title, which for me, was well worth the wait, It is of course, Scorched Tanks, what was Written in AMOS Professional in 1993 by Micheal Welch This game is a nice Tank Shooter, and it is quite nicely made, You start on the Title Screen, which gives you upto […]

Psycho Squares

This Dark Unicorn Production Game is Psycho Squares by Shane Monroe, who gave me permission to release the Full Versions of his Games via Twitter, so thankyou for permission Shane The Game has 13 Rounds, and each round begins with a Grid of eight by eight, with Blue (Positive) and Green (Negative) numbers on them, […]

It’s The Pits

This game is called Its The Pits – A Bold Miners Slaugher by Kit Felice in 1993 You begin on “The Surface” of a planet, which initially has 4 pits you can hover towards, then you are put into “The Pit” where you travel down a few miles towards the earths surface Sadly there is […]

Tom Cat

This is another Dark Unicorn Productions Game, called Tom Cat, by John Graham in 1994 You might also notice this game features the Repair Shop Music from Jaguar XJ220 Commercial Version (mhmmm!) This game also features FMV Video in a small 1/4 square in the middle of the screen which will play between user interactions […]

Desert Apache

This is the first of the Dark Unicorn Productions Title, This one is called Desert Apache, by John Graham in 1995 Your mission is to rescue 5 POWS, you then get to choose one of them on a map, then a Full FMV plays, and during this shows you a target you need to aim […]


Now we have for you Galactoid by Clay Hellman/QSW in 1993 This is a Galaga-clone, and just as the same as Galaga, You have enemies coming inscreen from the left and right, to then go towards the top to form a grid, But while they are flying into position you can fire at them, and […]

Galaga ’92

Well what do we have here, it is Galaga ’92 by Geert Coelmont, Released in 1992 Galaga ’92 is yet another Galaga-clone, This game features powerups for fire, speed and bullets, and also you can collect one which removes all existing powerups from your ship as well! Enemies can drop powerups when they die, and […]

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