Want your Games Reviewed?

I am looking for loads of Public Domain, Shareware and Demos to Review right here on my Blog!

While I have a fair big list already, I would like to expand it as far and wide as possible, making the largest ever Amiga Games Collection in History (phew!), featuring not only the Classic Games but also Modern Games which have been made for the Amiga (such as Metal Gear (2021) by h0ffman and Crazy Columns (2021) by Jochen Hoffer)

Have you written anything either now or in the past?

Do you want it Reviewed on this Blog?

Do you want it added to the Amiga Boing Games Collection, and also put on an RP9 allowing everyone who has Amiga Forever play it out of the box without messing about with Settings and Configurations?

If the answer is YES, Then please Get in touch with me either via Discord (https://discord.gg/6chSjVE), or use the Feedback button on the right

I will then write a Review about your Game, Take some photos and then I will add it to the Games Collection, and also make an RP9 File which is suitable for Amiga Forever – Please click Full Games Listing and pick a Random Game for examples of my Reviews

If you do not want it to be downloadable, I can and will still Review the Game and link to a website where everyone can visit in order to download and/or pay something for the Game – or perhaps if you have a Demo / Cut-Down version, perhaps I can use that in the Games Collection, and even link to your website where it can be downloaded?

If you have any questions about anything regarding this process, Please get in touch, I cannot help or reassure you of anything if I do not know about it

Cant say fairer than that can I?

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