The A500 Mini

Introducing The A500 Mini a small portable Amiga what you can take anywhere

There is WHDLoad Support, so you can add the many games which are on WHDownload to it, further expanding the 25 built-in Games with even more Games, although not all Amiga Games are in the WHDLoad format so adding the ones which have no WHDLoad Support is not yet possible (although a Software Update might enable this)

A great idea would have been to add support for Cloanto Amiga Forever’s RP9 File Format, which I am building up month by month, then just copy the RP9 files onto the USB, plug it in, and have many more PD/SW/FW Games to play, and there were some Great Games made under the PD/SW/FW Labels, and some were of course complete pants, But at least it would give users a choice of what they want to play and expansion is key with these Mini Systems

The A500 Mini is available from Amazon UK and Amazon US

Find out more at the Official Website

Please take a look at YouTube for more Videos showcasing The A500 Mini

Various Hacks for TheA500Mini are over on English Amiga Board

Upon seeing this in action, I can say I am rather disappointed with it from the outset sadly:

ADF Support was recently added via Update 1.1.1 (theA500-mini-upgrade-v1.1.1.a5u – 54.3 MB)

No IPF (Copy Protected Floppy Disk) support

No RP9 (Amiga Forever) Support, which I did try to get via Twitter – But alas nothing was done upto this point

While I know about the Non-Working Keyboard, at least you can plug one in (for those who say you need another USB port, try a Keyboard with a built-in USB Hub perhaps?)

The Floppy Drive part of the machine could have easily supported a SD Card Slot if they thought about it, then you could have used it in much the same way as a GoTek Drive, load your ADF’s onto a SD Card, Slot it in, then choose the file on The A500 Mini – But alas this was not done (could be modded to allow this though)

WHDLoad Support is there, But alas, it is rather pathetically supported, rather than allowing the Games to be added to the carousel, they have gone with a boring “file list” – I would have loved to see a way of adding them to the carousel, for example – Game.lha (holds the Game itself) – Game.png (holds the Game Image, for the carousel) – Game.txt (holds the Game Text for the carousel) – in much the same way a hacked Playstation Classic does it

The A500 Mini is pretty good, while I think the Built-In Game Collection is Good, there is not many of them (ie. 25) I would have liked to see more, and even then, they could have easily included TONS of PD/Shareware/Freeware Games from Launch, which is a missed opportunity really

I just hope a Software Update can enable the above features, then it would be a Gaming Powerhouse

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