The A500 Mini

As you know theres some good news on the horizon, The A500 Mini, a small portable Amiga what you can take anywhere, has HDMI output, and will just be so damn awesome to own, along with the many Games, Demos, Apps what the Amiga had!

I would have liked to be able to contact the The A500 Mini Team, as its in early stages right now, But sadly the submission form on the website does not work for me

My plan was to ask them if they could release it with the 25 Games they have planned, But add an ability, to maybe insert a USB Stick with RP9 files on which will then further expand the Games you can play, since I am making RP9 Files up, This would immensely expand the system much easier while allowing many more Games to be added easily

The hardware of course, needs to support addition of new games before it can go ahead (and yes I know the Playstation Classic can be hacked to add more Games for example, But I would like a much easier way for novices to be able to add Games without having to resort to taxing measures like they need to do with the Playstation Classic

If you could add more Games simply via a simple Internet Download and/or USB Device, The worlds the limit, it would be a Great Opportunity not to miss surely? – Being able to add more Games each month, It will certainly Boost Sales I would think if its upgradable on-the-fly

Since I have so far not been able to contact them regarding this, I am hoping people will spread this page around and help me get in touch with them, maybe we can sort something out, as this would be an opportunity not to miss, and I am sure many of you reading this, would love an easy way of adding yet more Games into The A500 Mini

I could even do a completely separate package if required, which will work with it, all I need is to be able to contact the team and talk things over, so please if you can help me contact them, or please give them my email address (Contact@ <this domain name>)