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You can contact me using the following methods below, let me know your comments, suggestions and anything else you want to tell me, even use the Feedback button on the right

Perhaps you just have to tell me about your favourite Amiga Game or Model, or perhaps suggestions on the website, or the Games Collection, or even the RP9 Files I make

I would love to hear from you, so please get in touch, let me know your thoughts!

Discord: (Text and optional Voice Chat)

To chat on Discord, You will need to download the Discord Client (Various OS’s Supported) then install it, once it is installed, please run it, then click the Discord Link below, which will join our Discord Server

Due to Discord Rules, we need to ask if you are Over 13, when you join just tick the Thumbs Up symbol and you will then see the whole server

Amiga Boing Hangout Discord Server –

Internet Relay Chat (IRC): (Text Chat)

Amiga Boing has an IRC Network where you can come and hang out as well, Non-SSL Connections are no longer available, so you will need an IRC Client what has SSL enabled, or you can Chat from your Browser if you like (Hold Shift if you are using a Pop-Up Blocker)

You can either use an IRC Client such as mIRC (Windows, Paid) or AdiIRC (Windows, Free) or HexChat (Windows/Linux/Free) or similar to join and chat

You can connect to: – Port 6697 (SSL/TLS) – Channel: #Amiga

YouTube: @AmigaBoingBlog –

Mastodon: @AmigaBoing –

Twitter: @AmigaBoing –

EMail: You can email me at “feedback” at this domain and it will be forwarded onto me, feel free to email me comments, suggestions, ideas, new games for me to review, etc

PLEASE NOTE: I only have the accounts as listed above, I do not use any other services and/or social networks, so if you see any accounts saying “Amiga Boing Blog” and/or referencing this very website, It is NOT my account

Please DO NOT fall for any Scams posted by these Fake Accounts, especially if they are asking for money in return for goods and/or services, They maybe scammers after your money, Please stay safe!

Remember that *ALL* Amiga Boing Downloads are 100% Free!

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