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These games were created using Shoot ’em Up Construction Kit by Palace Software in 1989 – Please see the Links Section for a link to The S.E.U.C.K. Vault, which showcases tons of S.E.U.C.K. Games on both the Commodore 64 and Amiga

Smurf Hunt

The final game for “SEUCK November” is this little gem, coded in Shoot Em Up Construction Kit is called Smurf Hunt and is by Pat Carson The aim of this pretty simple fun shooter, is to shoot and kill the Smurfs (and Smurfettes) what appear onscreen, while avoiding the Bombs and picking up collectibles along […]

Pee Bee

Well here we have PeeBee, Created using Shoot ’em Up Construction Kit (SEUCK), by Fez Productions You are a Bee, and you have to shoot various enemies, ranging from Guns at the side of the screen, Little Blue Birds what just hover in position, and Birds what fly towards you Pick up Dollar Signs, Shoot […]


This time it is the turn of Godzilla, a SEUCK-Game by E.G.Robertson You star as Godzilla, and your mission is to shoot everything what moves, Houses and other Enemies which will attempt to kill you You can Fire at the Enemies, and have a mutli-directional Firing System, making it easy to target Enemies very well, […]


Our first Shoot ‘Em Up Construction Kit Game for SEUCK-November is 1942 by Snake Software, where you pilot your Green coloured plane, and you must then shoot other planes and objects whos aim is to kill you As with most Shoot Em Ups, Its a case of Kill or be Killed, and 1942 is no […]