The final game for “SEUCK November” is this little gem, coded in Shoot Em Up Construction Kit is called Smurf Hunt and is by Pat Carson

The aim of this pretty simple fun shooter, is to shoot and kill the Smurfs (and Smurfettes) what appear onscreen, while avoiding the Bombs and picking up collectibles along the way

The in-game graphics are very good, along with the sound effects of the Smurfs (and Smurfettes) being killed, along with an “OK Sucker” sound effect at the start and when you begin after losing a life

There are of course, Male Smurfs and Female Smurfs (Smurfettes), Rock Tossers, Bomb Droppers, and even Archers, which will try to stop you in your quest, They all have a different sound effects when each are either firing or even killed

There are boulders which will occasionally roll towards you, in which you have 2 options, you can fire at them to destroy them, or just avoid them by moving out of the way

There are Bombs which suprisingly look like Presents (Yellow Boxes with Red Tape on) these of course, will blow you up and cost you a life, there are also grey boxes which when picked up will give you extra points

Graphically I do like this game, it is well designed from the outset, has pretty decent sound effects, and I have found myself playing this for a few hours at a time

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