Category: Commercial Games

These are some of my favourite Commercially Released Games for the Amiga Computer

Arabian Nights

Here is another Amiga Gem of sorts, Arabian Nights – Here you are essentially thrown in the Dungeons to rot, your mission is to escape and solve various puzzles throughout the levels, in order to progress in the game. Once you get out of your Dungeon Cell, you are tasked with rescuing a Prisoner, but […]


This is Locomotion, a very simple Train-based game, in which you must redirect Trains to their correct stations, within a tight time limit, If you hold the Right Mouse Button, you can temporarily speed up the game, can be useful if you are waiting for the Last Train to make it into a Station before […]

Cannon Fodder

Cannon Fodder has to be one of my all time favourite games, Released in 1993 by Sensible Software, Your aim is to use your little green soldiers, to kill, and blow up the enemy (in blue) and any houses/huts they have, while trying to survive and go onto the Next Mission. After each Mission you […]