Category: Commercial Games

These are some of my Personally Favourite Commercially Released Games for the Amiga – Due to the Commercial Nature of these Games, They will not be distributed by this Blog unless there is a Demo Version available – More Commercial Reviews will be coming throughout 2022

NOTE: Games marked [D] have a Demo Version available on RP9 and Games Collection (Some Demos hard lock to DF0: so are instead provided as ADF file)

Road Rash [D]

(Apologies for this being a day late, I was not very well on Tuesday) — Commercial Game of the Month for May goes to Road Rash from 1991 by Electronic Arts This motorbike racing Game is one of the best on the Amiga, You ride along with other computer players, who can knock you off […]

The Chaos Engine [D]

Another Commercial Masterpiece has to be Chaos Engine by The Bitmap Brothers (for a PD-version which features similar Gameplay, check out Alien Bash II) The Bitmap Brothers have made some cracking Games over the decades, and The Chaos Engine will not disappoint you, it is a very well made Game, and there is lots of […]

Test Drive II

The Commercial Game Of The Month for March 2022, is Accolade’s Test Drive II (1989) This has to be one of my all time favourite Games, and Speed is the Key here, and of course avoiding other Traffic on the road There are 2 options at the start, You can race against the “Clock” in […]

Troddlers [D]

The Commercial Game Of The Month for February 2022 is Troddlers by ATOD Design / The Sales Curve In Troddlers, you need to guide your little orange coloured men to the Exit Doors (which looks like Cinema Curtains), along the way you need to Build paths with Blocks, such as Stone, Arrowed Blocks which forces […]

Jaguar XJ220 [D]

Jaguar XJ220 Demo Version: Jaguar XJ220 Commercial Version: Today on Commercial Tuesday, we have Jaguar XJ220 by Core Design in 1992 This is my all time favourite Car Racing Game for the Amiga, and this game is also Multi Language and allows you to select between English, German, French and Italisn before the Game loads […]

Arabian Nights [D]

Here is another Amiga Gem of sorts, Arabian Nights – Here you are essentially thrown in the Dungeons to rot, your mission is to escape and solve various puzzles throughout the levels, in order to progress in the game. Once you get out of your Dungeon Cell, you are tasked with rescuing a Prisoner, but […]

Locomotion [D]

This is Locomotion, a very simple Train-based game, in which you must redirect Trains to their correct stations, within a tight time limit, If you hold the Right Mouse Button, you can temporarily speed up the game, can be useful if you are waiting for the Last Train to make it into a Station before […]

Cannon Fodder

Cannon Fodder has to be one of my all time favourite games, Released in 1993 by Sensible Software, Your aim is to use your little green soldiers, to kill, and blow up the enemy (in blue) and any houses/huts they have, while trying to survive and go onto the Next Mission. After each Mission you […]