This is Lunar-C a CD32-Exclusive* Commercial Game, by Mindscape in 1993

The Game was one of many CD32-Exclusive Titles, and it was released as part of a CD32 Compilation which also contained Overkill which was a Defender-Clone

Lunar-C is a horizontal shooter, which scrolls along, enemies appear in waves, and come in set patterns, eg. diagnonally down or up, or in a line towards you

Once you have defeated a wave of enemies, you can collect a power up token, which will advance your weapon to the next grade, you have one life, and an energy bar, which when depleated means Game Over

At the end of each wave there is an end of level boss to defeat which you need to destroy to continue onwards

You really need to be ready when the Game starts, as the enemies fly around rather fast, and you can easily miss some if you are not careful

The last enemy in a line usually shoots a bullet across the screen towards you which must be avoided, and some enemies will shoot you as soon as they appear on screen

This game is pretty well designed and is worth a blast, although sadly there is no Demo version, or I cannot find one, even looking through older magazine listings

It is well worth playing if you can get hold of it, and it will also run under a WHDLoad Generic Kickstart as well

*CD32-Exclusive According to Wikipedia:

No Demo Version is available for this Game

Publisher: Mindscape
Developer: Digisoft
Copyright: Eikon
Code: Jeroen Verbeek
Graphics: Kevan Stannard, Charles Anderson, Stuart Anderson, Jeroen Verbeek
Music: Kevan Stannard

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