This is UChess by Roger Uzun

Yet another Chess game for the Amiga, I personally do not like Chess, as I have never really got into it in a big way, and I am not totally familliar with playing Chess

This version is certainly pretty well designed, and looks good, and has decent gameplay thrown in there, certainly give this a whirl if Chess is your thing

While it is not on par with such Games as Battle Chess, the usual Chess rules still apply, for example, the second row out always has a line of Rooks on it, which can move forward, or take other peices diagonally

There are Castles at each of the corners, which can move up, down, left and right, across the board, The Knights, which look like Horses can move 2 squares out, and must then move 1 square in, more or less in an “L” shape they must move each turn, Bishops move diagonally across the Game Board, and can take peices in their way

Then you have the King and Queen peices, which is your priority to protect them at all costs

Code: Roger Uzun

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