This is Dozer, no its not a sleepy game, far from it, In this game you control a Bulldozer, which allows you to push Blocks, of which only sides marked Green can be pushed (eg. Green bottomed Blocks can only be pushed up, for example)

When you start, the level has one or more pushable blocks, and a tiny red dinosaur called Mon which walks constantly around the outside, or around a collection of blocks in the middle of the screen, it is this little fella, you have to redirect in the level in order to complete it

Your job is to direct Mon to the Cage Jail Block – To do this you need to push blocks on the marked Green edges into various positions, so that “Mon” will walk around the blocks, which can bring him onto a new block, or to the Exit Cage which then captures him and completes the level

There are 2 types of Exit, one which looks like a Jail Cell, which is where you must always direct Mon towards, and another exit which looks like a pathway going into the distance, if you direct Mon at this 2nd exit, he will Escape, and you will fail the level and have to retry it again, unless you run out of Lives that is, in which case its GAME OVER, and you have to start again from scratch

Some Blocks can only be pushed from one or two directions, Some blocks are fixed in position (No Green sides) and some blocks when pushed will catapult over to the other edge of the screen or stop when they hit another object (including Mon!), so to stop them mid-way you must position another block in the way, which will then stop the momentum of the pushed block into the correct position to further push it away from you

Later levels can be crafty, and are quite challenging to play, some levels you need to push through a barricade or wall in order to get to Mon, to then redirect him towards the Caged Exit to complete the level

There are quite a few levels included which will keep most people occupied for a few hours, also figuring out how to complete some levels can be a challenge in itself, some are not as straight forward as they look at first, sometimes requiring some nifty moves to complete them!

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