This game is called Its The Pits – A Bold Miners Slaugher by Kit Felice in 1993

You begin on “The Surface” of a planet, which initially has 4 pits you can hover towards, then you are put into “The Pit” where you travel down a few miles towards the earths surface

Sadly there is not much room to move, and you have a Fly shooting at your ship, which you can choose to dodge the shots, or fire back at it, killing it, before another spawns, this carries on until you reach the bottom of The Pit, a display shows you how far you have gone down, just do not lose too much health here, You do need it later!

Then you enter The Excrement Cave, where there are creatures who will stop you collecting 4 Crystals at the bottom of the Cave, you must collect one at once, and bring it upto the ship, all while avoiding the Dung piles which litter the floor, and then Creatures which will kill you upon touch

Finally, you then need to Fly back up the Cave and kill all the Excrement Beings before you can get back to the Landing Pad

This Game has some nice Title Screen and ingame music, and is quite a challenge to play, especially in the Tunnel Part, where there is not much room to move, while shooting the Fly

Coder: Kit Felice
Graphics: Kit Felice
Music: Kit Felice

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