This is another Dark Unicorn Productions Game, called Tom Cat, by John Graham in 1994

You might also notice this game features the Repair Shop Music from Jaguar XJ220 Commercial Version (mhmmm!)

This game also features FMV Video in a small 1/4 square in the middle of the screen which will play between user interactions

Starting the game you select a waypoint from 5 different ones, then the game will play some FMV upon which you need to select a target to shoot down within a few seconds, after which, if you aimed correctly, a Kill FMV will play, otherwise your death FMV will play, followed by the pilot shaking his head, which will result in Game Over

Sometimes you do get WARNING! screens, in which case you need to aim for the projectile to shoot it out of the air before it hits you and explodes, thus killing you

After a mission, You need to return to waypoint 5 to re-arm your Tom Cat

Code: John Graham

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