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Welcome to The Amiga Boing Blog, Born on 11th November 2020, which started with the Review of Cave Runner, shortly it will be my First Birthday, and to celebrate Amiga Boings Birthday Month, Some Shoot ‘Em Up Construction Kit (SEUCK) Style Games will be released over the month of November for you all to enjoy, Most of them are pretty good (I have seen them already of course, since I have to review ’em)

This Blog aims to preserve Classic Gaming specifically on the Commodore Amiga range of computers

My main aims for this Blog is to bring the Amiga to the masses, by creating an easy to use Games Collection, which will eventually be the Biggest and Largest Classic Amiga Games Collection anywhere, which is fully loaded with Classic Public Domain and Shareware Games, all playable under one roof, which is also bundled with the WinUAE Emulator

For those who own Amiga Forever I also create RP9 Files of all the Games I have reviewed so far, so you can easily copy them into Amiga Forever and play them instantly without even requiring any additional files as these are simply compressed ZIP files which contain the Game on a HDF (Hard Disc) Image (which loads much faster than ADF images) and has several screenshots, and even Game Documentation, if available, and Links to the websites where you can find out more about the Game itself

See how the Amiga shaped the landscape of the 80’s and 90’s and is, still today, a very well loved machine, and still used by thousands of dedicated fans all around the world, There were many different models released, But the most popular models were the Amiga 500, Amiga 600, and the Amiga 1200 to name a few

I will remain heavily focused on Amiga-based Games, Demos and other Software which was written or made available for the Amiga Platform, it does not have to be an old Game to be featured here either, For example, I recently reviewed Metal Gear which is also available for download in the HDF and RP9 formats, as long as its an Amiga game, it will be added here eventually over time

The Amiga for me, was a huge part of my life growing up, I used to get Games from a local store which no longer exists *sigh* and disk swap with friends, and yes, we all used X-Copy in those days to create backups of games, except my friend “Charlie” (not his real name to avoid his blushes) whos parents bought him an Atari ST *OH THE HORROR* so he could never Disk Swap with me and my friends, awwww….

My late Mother loved playing Mouth-Man, Deluxe Pacman and Flag Catcher and was always playing them when I came home from School, oh yes, Those were the days, when Games were not 3 billion pixels and needed a High End PC to run them, yes we had to wait while the Good ‘ol Amiga spinned up his Floppy Drive (remember those? maybe not if you are under 30) and have to Disk Swap in games like Cannon Fodder if you only had 1 drive

I truly love the Amiga, and now many more can also enjoy it today, with emulators like WinUAE (Windows), UAE (Linux), and even Raspberry PI ports of them, making the Amiga so portable, You can take it to a friends house, and play in Full HD on a Raspberry PI – Now thats Progress!

The all time games I personally love are Cannon Fodder, Flag Catcher, Amoeba Invaders, Mine Runner, Deluxe Pacman, Kari Pacman (mainly for its lovely music, and 2-player simultaneous gameplay) – of course I love ALL Amiga Games, But those above are the ones I tend to play the most, as they are so addictive to me

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