This was a game I was so hyped over, So here finally on the Amiga, in its rightful place is Metal Gear, Brilliantly ported over from the MSX by H0ffman to the Wonderful Amiga platform

You take control of a Special Forces Operative called Sold Snake, who gets assigned the task of finding the weapon “Metal Gear” and you have many screens of fun to explore, enemies to kill, either by various weapons or initially by just using your fists, This game is meant to be played in Stealth as much as possible, as alerting the Guards will bring others off-screen to try and kill you

Your mission is to find existence of “Metal Gear” situated somewhere on the enemy base, You must proceed in Stealth mode as much as possible so you do not alert the Guards, who will then bring reinforcements in order to kill you, Various Weapons can be found on Enemies, in Hangars, in Jeeps, scattered all over the map, which is separated into screens, and all the action takes place on the single screen at any one time

There is a Transceiver which will occasionally Buzz you with information, which you should read, as most is vital to the mission in some way, and can help you in tricky areas, You will also come across Key Cards which are numbered by the Level of the Doors they can open, eg. 1,2,3 – You can find objects such as a Hand Gun, Sub-Machine Gun, Grenade Launcher and even Rocket Launcher, which is required to pass an area of the game early on

You can also find Silencers for your Guns, so when they are fired nearby enemies are not triggered, along with other tools such as Plastic Explosives, Remote Controlled Missiles, and even Mines, which can be used to blow up enemies

There is a Save Game System, which works from Check Points, these look like Lift Areas, and it will flash briefly “Check Point” on screen when you have reached one, and this is where you will return if your Life Bar reaches Zero

There are also Prisoners to rescue which sometimes can give you clues and tips which will help you further along in the game

Please read the enclosed document in the Game Folder and via Amiga Forever Launcher, as this gives you more information about this game

All the gameplay elements of the MSX port are here, and you can even use a CD32 Joypad for keyboard-less gameplay,

Please find out more about this Amazing Amiga port on H0ffman’s Website and via his Twitter account

Thankyou H0ffman for allowing me to distribute this wonderful game via the Games Collection and Amiga Forever RP9 files, which helps bring it to many more people, and also thankyou so much for porting it over to one of the best systems in the world

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