Premier Picks, is a card game, Written in AMOS by Tim Blacklock, based solely around the game of Football (or “Soccer” to my American Visitors)

You pick cards from a grid, some will be goals (the large ball in-front of the goal), Penalties (ball in front of the full goal), Yellow Cards, Missed (ball at the side with a hand on it), and the worst card of all, the lying down guy (Foul), which gives the computer (or you if the computer picks it), 2 more picks of the cards

Firstly, you get a pick on how many cards are revealed to you, between 1 and 6, then it will put the cards down, and reveals upto 6 what you clicked pre-card laying, you then take it in turns with the computer, moving your mouse over the cards marked with “PP” and then clicking to reveal what the card is, the one issue is, you can also click the “Half/Full Time” cards first, and then the match basically finished on the picking of that card, the computer can still pick the card regardless and end the game before the rest are revealed

All in all, This game is very enjoyable, and has some really neat sound effects added in for good measure, I like to play this a lot, it is one of my favourite games even now, years later, I cannot hold myself back from having a game, such a wonderfully made game this is, you do not realise this until you sit down comfortably, and start playing it

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