This AMOS Created Game is called Egg Salad by Surf in 1997

The Game is quite simple, all you have to do is avoid the Flying Eggs on every level, that is basically the Game, plain and simple

You are a Green Blob which you control with the Mouse and you must move out of the way of the Flying Eggs which will hit the White Walls in the playing area and change direction, they do not home in on you, they move in a set pattern, only changing direction when hitting the walls

Sadly there is no High Score Table or even Visible On-Screen Timer, which would have been good additions to this rather simplistic Game, however they are absent, and when you get hit with the Egg, it instantly shows “Game Over” and returns to the Title Screen

While I find this Game good for a few minutes, it does become rather repetitive and tiresome after a while, since it is just basically “Avoiding Eggs” and that is the entire Game

Code: Surf

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