This game is called Tumbling Tots by David Ashley in 19xx

This is a pretty simple game, but it is really great to play, You basically have just the one task, you have to save as many Babies from the Burning Building as you can, this is controlled by the Keyboard, 1-2-3 positions your Firemen in the selected area, and there is 4-5 which will move back and forward one space

There are basic sound effects when the Baby hits your Stretcher, and if you leave it on the Title Screen for a while, a small demo shows you how to play

A pretty simple game, which will get harder and more difficult as it goes along, more babies will jump out and sometimes before you finish dealing with another Baby, so you can have many on screen at once, so you really need to be quick to catch and save them all

You have 5 Lives initially, which are shown as Babies at the top of the screen, and you will lose one of these if a baby hits the deck (Ouch!)

I remember getting this as a Game and Watch variant called Fire!, and I used to play on it for hours sometimes, floods back the memories of when you had 5 minutes, you pulled it out of your pocket and had a blast!

Code: David Ashley

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