Amiga Boing Blog Celebrates its 3rd Birthday

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Happy 3rd Birthday to Amiga Boing Blog

Another milestone has been reached, and this is the 207th post!

I have reviewed 9 AGA Games, 148 Public Domain/Freeware/Shareware Games, 37 AMOS Games, 7 Pacman-style Games, 12 Shoot Em Up Construction Kit Games, and 3 Tetris-style Games, and 5 Dark Unicorn Productions Games so far

I have also reviewed 27 Commercial Demos so far, under the “Commercial Game of the Month” which I introduced back in 2022, further back than that, I just did the odd Commercial Game Review which was mixed in with the rest

The blog itself started today 11th November with the review of Cave Runner

So still lots to do here, I have only just really started the huge quest of creating “The Largest Games Collection” the Amiga has ever seen, and i hope you will come along for the ride as well, letting me know in Games comments if you ever played the Game, and if you enjoyed playing it, or even hated it

I am doing this Games Collection for all of us Amiga fans, and even future Fans of the Amiga, who will then have a huge Games Collection to load and use without having to fiddle with configurations and setup of each Game, since it is all there, Ready to Play

Please leave me Feedback, Let me know your Ideas and Suggestions going forward, as I want to hear from you, Your feedback matters a lot, You can even leave non-public Feedback via the Feedback button on the right, or Contact me via the Contact Page, even Live Chat(IRC/Discord) or Live Voice Chat(Discord) with me as well, I promise I do not bite


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