Full Games Listing

This page will contain the Full List of Games I have reviewed so far on Amiga Boing Blog for easy access, and is organised in Year then Month format:

Games Reviewed in 2021:

JanFlag CatcherLocomotionDozerDonkey Kong
FebSnake PitFruit SaladTop Secret
MarTrixDiggerMine RunnerBreakout(PP)
Apr(This month was “Pacman April”)
Pacman(PP)Pacman(Kari)Pacman’87Mouth-ManSuper Pacman ’92
MayPlatmanAmoeba InvadersAmigoidsArabian NightsBattlements (AMOS)
JunSuper Twin TrisCroak!ToobzDithells Wonderland (AMOS)
JulPoweroidsStar DefenderMother LodeMetal GearLlamatron 2112
Aug5K Invaders6K PacmanNibby NibbleCreepy Crawlies
SepTop Hat WillyInfectionQ-BicKlondike
Oct(This month is “AMOS October”)
Furball (AMOS)Matchstick Man (AMOS)Wally World (AMOS)The Pyramid (AMOS)Cookie (AMOS)Funtris (AMOS)Baldy (AMOS)
Nov(This month is “Shoot Em Up Construction Kit November”)
Dec(This month is “Beavis & Butthead Christmas”)

Games Reviewed in 2020:

NovBlog Started 2020-11-11
Cave RunnerBob’s GardenWizzys QuestMegawormTetris Pro
DecGeorge and the Repton ClonePremier Picks (AMOS)Deluxe PacmanCannon FodderFire and Ice Christmas