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Games Created with the AMOS programming language by Europress Software / Francois Lionet and Constantin Sotiropoulos – There were several versions of AMOS released, AMOS 1.3 in 1991, Easy AMOS in 1992, and AMOS Professional also in 1992, along with AMOS 3D


Here we have, Amiga Monopoly by Al Metz in 1994 The object of the Game is to become the wealthiest player through buying, selling, renting property, and forcing other players into bankruptcy Each Player, picks a counter at the start, and during the Game, throws the Dice, and then moves the number shown on the […]

Scorched Tanks

Here is the final Dark Unicorn Title, which for me, was well worth the wait, It is of course, Scorched Tanks, what was Written in AMOS Professional in 1993 by Micheal Welch This game is a nice Tank Shooter, and it is quite nicely made, You start on the Title Screen, which gives you upto […]

Les Dennis Hangman

What do we have here, well it is Les Dennis Hangman, Created in AMOS by Ben Knapp / Tracysoft (LOL?), while it is named “Les Dennis Hangman” the only “Les Dennis” reference in the game is the In Game Buzzer Sound and one simple “YES” sound effect from Les when you get the answer correct […]

Beavis & Butthead Breaking The Lawn

Merry Christmas Everyone, and Todays Review is of Beavis & Butthead Breaking The Lawn You can choose a 1 player or 2 player game, and then you get to choose who you want to be, either Beavis or Butthead Once the Game starts, You gain control of a Hover Mower you happened to have borrowed […]

Beavis & Butthead Domino

The Christmas Eve Game is Beavis and Butthead Dominoes by Feedback/The Unicorn, Written in AMOS in 1994 This game is pretty simple to play if you are familliar with how to play Dominoes of course, A Domino gets placed down on the Game Board when you start, and on the right hand side, is your […]

Monty The Wolf

This time I present, Monty The Wolf, by Andy Sherratt, from 1992, A really excellent platformer written in AMOS You play as Monty The Wolf, You control Monty throughout the Levels, in which your main aim is to collect all the diamonds to complete the level, while avoiding or killing the many animals which will […]

The Great Escape of Billy Burglar

Here is another AMOS-Created Game called “The Great Escape Of Billy Burglar” by Richard Jobling and Grant McAllister, way back in 1993 The aim of the Game is pretty simple, But enjoyable to play, Your mission is to avoid the Search Light on every level, either by jumping over it, or using one of many […]


Well here it is finally, after talking about it for what seems Months now, where I talked about having to modify it so it would work from a HDD instead of a Floppy Disk, This is Baldy – The search for Missing Disks, by Paul Jenkinson Your mission here is to jump between the platforms […]


Well what can I say about Funtris, This is a Tetris Game with a fair few positive and negative aspects to the actual gameplay thrown right in there! The usual Tetris Gameplay is present, But occasionally you get either a Wizard which usually helps out or gives you Bonuses, and an Evil guy popping up […]


This is Cookie, by Richard Langford, a Bakery-style Game where you need to put the Ingredients into the Bowl, and Bin the Rest! You keep your Ingredients locked away until you want to cook them, this leaves them a wee bit miffed, so as soon as they can, they dash out of storage, while dragging […]

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