Here we have Duel by Vaudeville Software from 19xx

This is another 2-player Game, where you need to inflict damage to your opponent, each of your display takes up half of the screen

You both start facing a wall, behind which is your opponent, Your on screen HUD has position indicators, center-left and bottom-middle, as well as your Score at top-middle, and over on the right-middle you have your health bars, once these reach Zero it is Game Over, and you are thrust back to the Title Screen which shows you the Final Scores

You are limited to single shot laser, which takes a while to recharge again, also there is a area limit on the map, go past this point, and you are given a few seconds to get back, otherwise you forfeit your Game, try not to crash into anything, as this will cost you some health

There is no music here, only a gun fire sound and explosion sounds, and your HUD will say “Target Hit” when your fire hits them

The background images have been taken from one of the demos as supplied with AMOS 3D

Code: Jon Creighton

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