The first AMOS Game of “AMOS October” is Furball, Programmed by Darren Ithell, and this Game rightly so one of the Best AMOS-Created Games I have ever seen, in my opinion

This platformer is very well designed from the outset, Nice Graphics, Great Background Music and Sound, what more could you ask for in a Brilliant AMOS-created game than that?

You are “Furball” the Cat and your job is to destroy all the baddies on the level to proceed to the next, there are Flying Birds, Turtles, Rats and more what need to be BOPPED (ie. Jumped on) sometimes more than once, to obliterate them from existance, at which time, an Exit Portal will spawn somewhere in the map which you have to find in order to exit before the timer counts down

There is a bar along the bottom of the screen, which shows you (from left to right) the 5 coloured squares (Red,Green,Blue,Yellow and Pink) which you need to spell “BONUS” then the Current Score, followed by Furballs Lives, and then finally a Clock which counts down as you proceed through the level

There are also various collectible items which can give Points, such as Sweets, Chicken Legs, Coins, Diamonds – Items like a Bomb, which will Blow up all the baddies in the area – Water Pistol which allows you to Squirt Baddies for a short time – Freeze which freezes them – Invincibiliy what protects you – Super Jump what gives you higher jumping power – and a Clock which pauses the timer – and a Furball Face which gives you an Extra Life

There are also BONUS blocks around, which you need to bump into from below, then they will disappear back to the Block Colour, and give you the letter on your bar, once you get all 5 letters “BONUS” you are put onto a Bonus Level

This is such a wonderful game, this is why it needed to be 1st place in “AMOS Month”, such a nice atmosphere is created, with the Great Backing Music, and Sound Effects, and the Graphical Quality of the Scenery and Baddies, really does make this game worth playing!

Graphics: Dennis Van Koningsbruggen
Programmer: Darren Ithell
Music: Dave Sullivan

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