This is Ashido by Andre Wichman in 1990

Ashido is based off the Game Ishido, and you aim is to place 62 random tiles with 6 different patterns and colours onto the Game Board, sounds easy but in practise it is not

Only Tiles with the same colour or the same pattern can touch each other, You get 1 point for each tile placed, and as the board gets full, you have even less spaces to place a correct tile, once you cannot place any more tiles, the only way out is to press ESCape and be presented with your Score, which is only saved when pressing ESCape on the Title Screen to Quit the Game

There are 6 different modes, they are Freestyle, Scorer, Explorer, Pioneer, Hero and Einstien, all vary in difficulty, The docs also mention a cheat mode which has been included as well

Game also has full source code and associated files included in Assembly Language

Code: Andre Wichman

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