Friends (Dynablaster-Clone)

This is Friends (a Dynablaster-clone) by Allan Lund Jensen

Friends is a Dynablaster-clone, which can be played by upto 2 or even 3 players

You start off in a tiled grid like structure, with fixed blocks and some you can Blow up with your Bombs, when you place a Bomb, make sure you are not within its Detonation area, otherwise you forfeit a life, and give a Cup to the other player

You need to blast your way towards the other player(s) and then Bomb them out of existance, thereby awarding you a Cup, Get 5 of these shiny cups to win the Game

Watch out for the Enemies which look like Big-Eyed Blobs, who will randomly move around the play area, but cannot get past walled areas, unless you clear out a path towards them, try to blow them up to get rid of them

There is a basic Scoreboard of sorts at the bottom of the screen, showing how many Cups you have collected by winning the round, Red, Green and Blue player counts are shown, along with a Timer which counts down

Code: Allan Lund Jensen

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