This time it is Dust Digger, Created in 2012 by Roy Schneider

This is a Boulderdash-clone, where you need to collect the Shiny Diamonds and avoid the Green Bugs what inhabit the levels, as one touch from these is deadly and will cost you a life

There are also Big Boulders which, just like Diamonds, if they fall on your head, will cost you a life, these will fall down until they hit dirt, a wall or the bottom of the playfield

I would say this is not a bad port of the Android version, But for me the enlarged graphics, means you cannot see very far away, and I would have liked the Graphics to be a tad smaller so you could see more of the Gameplay area, so consequently if there is an off-screen enemy and you clear some dirt near to it, you will be killed almost instantly

There is some decent Title Screen Music, and the In-Game sounds are Boulders Falling and Diamonds being picked up, and of course the Death sound if you get caught by the enemy, or if a Boulder or Diamond falls on your head

Code: Roy Schneider

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