Here we have Insectoids 2 by Mark Sibly in 1993

Like all shoot-em-ups, You have to shoot the invaders what fly in from the sides of the screen, if you shoot them fast enough as they are flying in, it makes it easier to clear the level

There is occasionally a Space Ship which flies across the Sky, and if you shoot this, it drops a pickup, which you can change by shooting it on the way down, when it hits your Ship, you will get the selected powerup at that point

At the top-left you have your Lives Counter which is shown as Hearts in a Blue Circle, at the top-right is your Score and upon each round starting it will tell you what Attack Wave you are currently in

The Game is very well designed, and is fun to play even when you are alone, while the Graphics are Decent, and the Sound Effects consist of you Firing, and the Aliens Flight when they fly towards you (once in position) and there is Music Samples at the Stage Introductions and Completion of Special Stages

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