This time we have Blood ‘N’ Bullets, Created in 1989 by Sensible Software, (This Game was also given away with special version of SEUCK distributed with CU Amiga Magazine)

This is kinda similar to Commando, where you have to shoot soldiers, and even soldiers on motorcycles/motorbikes in order to rack up plenty of points

There are also soldiers who walk around placing bombs in order to kill you, as well as Tanks what fire rounds across the screen, and even the soldiers themselves move in all directions firing bullets at you, along with ones who pop out of the water and shoot, before diving back underneath

At the end of the levels, You have a static screen, and several enemies will come to pop you off if you are not quick enough to avoid the bullets

Plenty of Pickups around too, which are shown as Medals, and when picked up add to your score in the bottom middle

Not a bad game, But the “hit boxes” are huge, and Bullets can hit you from a way off, Plenty of decent sound effects, such as bullet fire, a jingle when you pickup the medals, and other sounds, which add to the general ambience of the game

Coder: Sensible Software / Jo Walker
Graphics: Sensible Software / Jo Walker
Sound: Richard Joseph

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