Well here we have PeeBee, Created using Shoot ’em Up Construction Kit (SEUCK), by Fez Productions

You are a Bee, and you have to shoot various enemies, ranging from Guns at the side of the screen, Little Blue Birds what just hover in position, and Birds what fly towards you

Pick up Dollar Signs, Shoot through Barricades all while avoiding the flying enemies, and Shooting Guns what appear at the Left or Right of the Screen

After a while, You get a Level Select screen, where you are then put into another level, with different scenery, such as Grass and Trees, Snowy Scenes and Sky Scenes, and enemies to shoot away at such as Butterflies, Blobs and Flowers and even Tomatoes what Bounce down the Pathways towards you

This is a well made Game, it plays well, has good sound effects, and should appeal to a wide audience, due to its different levels and visually pleasing effects

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