Month: June 2021

Dithell’s Wonderland

This is Dithell’s Wonderland, Programmed in AMOS Professional by Darren Ithell way back in 1992, The object of this game is to colour up all the clear tiles on the platforms, which will then complete the level and move onto the next You will need to avoid various creatures which move around such as Little […]


This is Toobz, Written by Gary Dunne, The aim of this game is pretty simple from the outset, you have to get the correct colored balls into the correct exits, and ditch the wrong balls down the abyss chute There are several launcher chutes (only 1 on level 1) which output colored balls, so for […]

Croak! 1 & 2

Croak! is a Great Frogger Clone for the Amiga, Written by Selwyn Stevens, way back in 1992 This game is pretty self explanatory, You start off with a solo frog at the bottom of the screen, with this Frog, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to get your beloved Frog into one […]

Super Twin Tris

Another Epic Game just has to be Super Twintris, by Big Brother Copy, This game is Tetris but 2-player side-by-side with some wonderful background music, both on the Title Screen and In-Game, you even have 3 different in-game tunes to choose from as well which is a great touch As with most Tetris based games, […]