Month: January 2022

Diamond Caves II

The second installment is of course Diamond Caves II by Peter Elzner – which is also Freeware Thankyou to Peter for allowing me to distribute the full Freeware versions of his Games, and there are also 2 Level Packs included from Aminet in this version as well, and there is also a Level Editor which […]

Jaguar XJ220 [D]

Jaguar XJ220 Demo Version: Jaguar XJ220 Commercial Version: Today on Commercial Tuesday, we have Jaguar XJ220 by Core Design in 1992 This is my all time favourite Car Racing Game for the Amiga, and this game is also Multi Language and allows you to select between English, German, French and Italisn before the Game loads […]

Diamond Caves

This time it is Diamond Caves by Peter Elzner – Now Freeware Peter has given me permission to release the Full Versions of all his Games, so Thankyou very much Peter, and as a Special Bonus, I have included Level Packs from Aminet in this Collection too! In Diamond Caves, Once loaded, You need to […]

Dust Digger

This time it is Dust Digger, Created in 2012 by Roy Schneider This is a Boulderdash-clone, where you need to collect the Shiny Diamonds and avoid the Green Bugs what inhabit the levels, as one touch from these is deadly and will cost you a life There are also Big Boulders which, just like Diamonds, […]

Amiga Boulder Dash

This time its Amiga Boulder Dash by Jeff Bevis in 1993 You control Rockford whos task is to dig through the dirt to collect enough diamonds to open the level exit, while doing this you need to avoid falling Boulders and Diamonds and Nasties what inhabit the levels There are 2 types of Wall, one […]