Month: December 2020

Fire and Ice (Christmas)

It’s Christmas with Cool Coyote, in the Christmas Edition of Fire and Ice to bring some Christmas Cheer to you all! You start off with a Pellet Gun, which fires freezing orbs, which if they touch an enemy, they will temporarily freeze it in place, allowing you to kill it, revealing any drops it leaves, […]

Cannon Fodder

Cannon Fodder has to be one of my all time favourite games, Released in 1993 by Sensible Software, Your aim is to use your little green soldiers, to kill, and blow up the enemy (in blue) and any houses/huts they have, while trying to survive and go onto the Next Mission. After each Mission you […]

Deluxe Pacman

Deluxe Pacman is a great version of Pacman, Written by the Late Edgar M. Vigdal, this game is so much nicer than Pacman, it has powerups, lovely background music on both the main menu and high score boards (sometimes it can have modified music, But you can reinstate the original and best music, if you […]

Premier Picks

Premier Picks, is a card game, Written in AMOS by Tim Blacklock, based solely around the game of Football (or “Soccer” to my American Visitors) You pick cards from a grid, some will be goals (the large ball in-front of the goal), Penalties (ball in front of the full goal), Yellow Cards, Missed (ball at […]

George and the Repton-Clone

Well what can I say about this gem of a game, It is a very well made game, You play as “George” (the guy with the “G” on his shirt (top-middle of lower image), and the aim is to get the gems which somewhat resemble diamonds (the red/green items), as well as on some levels, […]