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I like to help out when I can, so when I was asked the other day “How do you remember so many different passwords?” I had to answer KeePass, then I had the puzzled look back, so heres my handy guide to remembering many passwords over many services in an easy way (as not even I myself can memorize millions of passwords, we are, after all, only Human heh)

So with many online services and of course many passwords to remember, ultimately most people re-use the same password over many services, which is a very bad idea, You need to use a Solution which allows you to use Different Passwords for each “service” as well as an ability to recover them if you forget them, so let me introduce 2 free products you can start using today to help you remember long and complex passwords:

KEEPASS – For all your passwords!

Store all your passwords in a Password Manager like KeePass ( this will help with logins, as you can simply request KeePass to type in your credentials on websites, saving you the hassle of doing so – Handy eh?

KeePass also has a very good “Password Generator” function, with this you can make complex passwords in a matter of seconds, ideally over 15 characters long and including a weird character or two from the numeric keys, eg !”£$%^& for example, making it harder to guess outright!

WINAUTH – For 2-Factor Authorization

If you use services which have the option to enable 2-Factor Authentication, You should consider enabling them, and for that, you can use another Tool called WinAuth ( this will then allow you to Authenticate after Login, thereby proving its really you logging into your own accounts

For added Security as well, I also store both these programs on a Removable Flash Drive, and if I am not using it, I fully unplug the USB from my PC, and I also make Monthly Backups to a Password Protected WinRAR Archive for added security


Always remember these codes are NOT to be given over the phone, They are ONLY for logging into Websites! – If anyone on the phone asks you for them, either a Human *OR* A Robot Voice, DO NOT GIVE THEM OUT!

Please see this YouTube Video from ThioJoe who will explain it:

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