Amiga Kickstart ROMS

Amiga Boing Blog cannot legally distribute the Kickstart ROM Files, which are still copyrighted, however, You can try out the Legacy Download on the Games Download page, to see if you like the Amiga Games which are included, before you choose to obtain the Kickstart ROMS

However, a cheaper method of obtaining them is via “Amiga Forever Essentials” on the Google Play Store, then copy the files to your PC, this will give you the Kickstart ROM files much cheaper than even a Coffee (Coffee costs like 3.00 GBP or something, The KS ROMS cost 1.79 GBP) – Making this the perfect way to obtain them

Obtaining the Kickstart ROMS:

Via Clonto Amiga Forever, Plus Edition —
(29.95 EUR* – approx.: 26.12 GBP / 36.23 USD)
Look in “C:\Users\Public\Documents\Amiga Files\Shared\rom” **

Via Android / Google Play: Search For “Amiga Forever Essentials”
(1.79 GBP* – approx.: 2.05 EUR / 2.48 USD)
Look in External Storage for the Kickstart ROM Files: /Android/data/com.clonto.amigaforever.essentials/files/rom **

Via Apple iOS / Apple Store:

You will need to add your Email to be notified of when this method is available:

Finding your Kickstart ROM Files after Purchase

** Copy the following 2 files to your PC to use with WinUAE:
Rename amiga-os-130.rom to KICK13.ROM and put in the ROMS folder
MD5: 82a21c1890cae844b3df741f2762d48d

Rename amiga-os-310-a1200.rom to KICK31.ROM and put in the ROMS folder
MD5: 646773759326fbac3b2311fd8c8793ee

*Prices correct as of March 2022

I also did a Twitter Poll which mentioned many download the ‘Amiga Kickstart ROM’ Files:

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