Amiga Kickstart ROMS

While the above Twitter Poll shows many Download the Kickstart ROMS, my view is that I hope someday they become as Free to obtain as the ZX Spectrum ROM and Commodore 64 ROM, which are included with all Emulators for both systems

I personally think the Amiga Kickstart ROMS should be allowed to be Legally Distributable “For Emulation Purposes” with Amiga Emulators as well, But sadly I am not in a position to be able to make this a reality

Due to the acquisition of the rights by Amiga Corporation still going through the legal highway, It will take some time to sort out all the legal issues surrounding them, as I believe many companies held or still hold the rights to the Kickstart ROMS which obviously needs sorting out, and like many Legal Issues, this can potentially take years

I hope these legal issues can be resolved, and once they are, hopefully Amiga Corporation, who will then fully hold the rights to the Amiga Kickstart ROMS will allow them to be used “For Emulation Purposes” and release the Kickstart ROMS to the Public for Free Use, that would certainly be my aim if I had the money and rights to acquire them myself – But for now, We just need to sit tight and hope for the best outcome for Amiga Corporation in recovering the full rights to the ROM files

Whiile AROS ROM goes some way to helping everyone emulate the Amiga and enjoy some of its Games (as of current WinUAE 4.4.0 Release) it is not yet a complete product, so does have some major issues like, Slow POST, Slow Graphics Rendering, Graphical Glitches

What actually is very promising and impresive to me so far is that it allows both Kickstart 1.3 Only Games to run alongside Kickstart 3.1 and AGA supported Games, meaning that once Full Support is available, only ONE ROM would be needed, so no more Kicking Back to 1.3 to play those awkward Games, once AROS ROM is completed and it supports All Games, It would essentially mean that you could install the AROS ROM into your Real Amiga, and enjoy every Game possible