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This category will just contain General Information regarding any Updates or Changes I make during the course of bringing you Amiga Boing Blog

Carry On Bloggin’

Some further Good News, I no longer have to move, Landlord has allowed us to stay in return for a slight Increase in Rent and they are upgrading the house as well, so I can Carry On Blogging as Normal .. HORRAH! So at least that is Great News for me – Means I do […]

Changed Menu System

Starting from March 2022, The Menu System will be powered by AmigaGuide, This new format also allows me to add Documentation in-line with each Game (if its available) and looks nicer and has better navigation than the older Menu System I used Advantages: Can add Document and other links to each Game The Menus look […]

1 Year Old!

Amiga Boing has been online a WHOLE YEAR, Making us ONE Year Old! Over this time, I have made the Monthly Amiga Boing Games Collection, as well as making RP9 Files of the Games I have featured, It has been wonderful to see how many truly appreciate the Amiga, its vast library of Games, and […]

Big Changes Afoot!

The WinUAE-specific Downloads (as of 2021-09-27) have now been changed from HDF files to Folder-style, this method gets past the rather pathetic 49MB HDF limitation under KS1.3 (not sure if it is a bug in WinUAE with the way it handles HDF files or if it is indeed a limitation of KS1.3 itself) All of […]