Evercade – Discontinued as of 31 May 2022

I have been quite interested in the Evercade for quite a while now, But even more so recently, due to the latest cartridges being released, which peaked my interest even more

The Evercade is a handheld portable Gaming Console, which has Cartridges you slot into the back, then you are presented with the Games all ready to play, just pop a Cartridge in and Play!

As you probably know I do enjoy Classic Gaming, and having a handheld to do it with is even more amazing, the first cartridge I bought was the Arcade Cartridge 04 – “The Atari Arcade 1 Collection”, which contains these Games: Asteroids (mislabeled as Asteroids Deluxe), Canyon Bomber, Centipede, Crystal Castles, Liberator, Lunar Lander, Millipede, Missile Command, Night Driver, Pong, Sky Diver, Super Breakout, Warlords

Well after playing it for a while, I am really impressed, this is a pretty decent Portable Gaming Device, and of course there is no loading times or certainly it takes mere seconds for a Game to load once you press to Start it

Let me start by saying the Evercade is a decent size, fits nicely in both hands, and the Controls are well placed so you can twiddle them (ooooh missus!) and select options from the Menu, or Games to play, holding it for me at least, feels comfortable, and I can really see myself playing this for literally hours on end when I get the chance

You even have the ability to do software updates if you connect it to your PC with the USB Lead and download the software from the Evercade website

The Evercade (above) was sadly discontinued on 31 May 2022 but do not let that put you off buying one, They still work, and you can grab a bargain if you look for it, and I would assume all current cartridges will work with it (only got the 1 so far heh), but maybe later cartridges will not, and as they have discontinued it, I highly doubt any new software updates will ever be released for it moving forward, and there is a Mini HDMI Out for a TV Connection for 720P Gaming

The newer model is called Evercade EXP which can be rotated into Cocktail Mode (they call it TATE mode) and that even comes with 14 Arcade Games and 4 Home Console Classics all built-in from Capcom – Now thats a neat touch, and there is a Mini HDMI Out for a TV Connection for 720P Gaming

There is also a Home Console version called the Evercade VS, which has upto 4-Player Support (obviously if the Game itself supports that), which has 2 cartridge slots inside, saving you time switching cartridges all the time, although I have read that some cartridges do not work on the Home Console due to the dreaded “licensing issues” (eg. copyshite law) namely the Namco Museum cartridges, although I have not been able to confirm this yet, since I do not have the Home Console

I thought I would now give the Evercade a try, and I am pleasantly surprised how nice it feels, how the Games flawlessly work, and it actually looks great too, certainly a great addition having a headphone jack, and I will be using this when visiting my best friend later this year for the Steam Rally

Check out Evercade.com for more information on the Evercade

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