Team 17 has created many Amiga Demos which I plan to add to the Games Collection/RP9 over the next year, namely the following gems:

Alien Breed Tower Assault (The One 73)
Alien Breed Tower Assault AGA (Amiga Power 42)
Alien Breed 92 Special Edition (Amiga Action 39) / Fix 43
Alien Breed 3D (Amiga Format 71)
Alien Breed 3D 2 (Amiga Format 86)
Project X (Amiga Power 12)
Superfrog (Amiga Action 44)
Body Blows (Amiga Action 54)
Arcade Pool (Amiga Format 57)
Apache (Amiga Format 53)
Kingpin (Amiga Format 70)
Worms (CU Amiga Dec’95 (2disk) / AF 79 – 3 Level Demo / Amiga Action 78)
Worms Directors Cut (Amiga Format 92)
Qwak (CU Amiga Nov 1993)

Sadly I have not got a reply back, but since the Demos are already Publicly available on magazine cover disks, I cannot see any real problems distributing them, I would certainly argue, that by me distributing them, as they are accessible in Public to everyone, that I am making them easier to access, play and enjoy, for decades to come

I plan to slip in the odd title now and then, as I feel they really do need exposure, and it may even help sales of Team 17’s current Games, and even the Evercade cartridge they have produced as well

By including them on my Games Collection and Amiga Forever RP9 files, I am making it easier for everyone to play these Demos of some brilliant Team 17 Classics, in an easy to use format, which allows many folks, even new to the Amiga scene, to get hold of some Gaming History, and play it in an easy to use format, without having to work out the proper system configurations, drive assignments, fonts and library support, which maybe required to get each Demo running properly

The Games Collection is all menu-driven, so even someone new can click ‘n’ load the Team 17 Classics, as well as making an Amiga Forever RP9 file, means the Demo is basically one-click-play, making it so much easier to play these wonderful Classic Demos of some Brilliantly made Games

If you have an Evercade Handheld or Home Console, they also now have a cartridge available to Buy from Amazon UK and Amazon US featuring some of their Classics, such as: Arcade Pool, Alien Breed, Alien Breed 2, Alien Breed: Tower Assault, ATR: All Terrain Racing, Body Blows, Full Contact, Kingpin: Arcade Sports Series Bowling, Project X: Special Edition ’93, and Qwak

Please let me know your comments below on this

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