KS13 Games coming to KS31

I have recently found a Generic Kickstart 1.3 WHDLoad Loader (Right)

So I started testing all the Kickstart 1.3 Games with it to see which would load and play correctly

This now means means some Kickstart 1.3 Games can now be played under Kickstart 3.1 so no more having to switch between Kickstarts in order to play some of those Kickstart 1.3 Games

The Games what are working are listed here:

5K Invaders, 6K Pacman, Amoeba Invaders, Bridge Ball, Cave Runner, Mother Lode and Trix

Do not worry the KS13 Image will remain part of the Games Collection and will remain unaltered, and any new Games which will not work under KS31 will be added to it over time

The “KICK34005.A500.RTB” file is already included since that is Freely Available on Aminet, The “skick346.lha” is included on the image, and in SKick.doc it states “This archive may be freely redistributed” so that is why I have included the RTB file on the Games Collection

The only file missing is the Kickstart 1.3 ROM File, which Legally I cannot distribute – But you can install it by re-running the “Copy Amiga Forever Kickstart ROMS” file again to copy it over to the correct location so these WHDLoad Games will work for you

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