The Commercial Game of the Month this time really has to goto Tearaway Thomas from 1992 by David Hanney and Nick Frampton

This fast-paced Platformer will keep you entertained for hours, In this Game you control Thomas, Who’s ultimate job is to collect as many Shiny Gems to open the Level Exit

The Yellow Gems are worth 50 points, and the Purple Gems are worth 100 points,, Once you get the required value of Gems the Level Exit opens, along with a message on screen stating such, then you look at the Countdown Clock and see only a few seconds remain, Can you reach that Exit in time?

Along the way are Bears and Flying Birds, which cannot be killed, and must be jumped over or indeed avoided, as if you hit them it will decrease your Countdown Clock by a few seconds each time you are hit, and if it reaches Zero before you exit the level, it costs you a precious life

The Level Music and indeed the Title Screen and In-Game Music are Top Class, and I do like a Great Background Tune, it really adds to the Gameplay so much

Along the way, You need to Climb Ropes, Moving Platforms which will take you across open areas, including some Vertical Levels which will see you Climb a Tree, again collecting those Gems while avoiding the Enemies

If you get hit by an Enemy it decreases your time, But you start in the same position, alas with less seconds to collect the Gems and reach the Exit

Yet again I can say with all my Heart, that this Game IS A MUST to own and play, You will be so entertained for hours, and along with the quite honestly Kick-Ass Background Music, You will be coming back for more, and more, and even more!

Code: David Hanney, Nick Frampton
Publisher: Global Software
Graphics: Laura Graves
Music: David Hanney

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