The Commercial Game of the month is Beneath a Steel Sky by Revolution Software in 1994

This is a Great well made Point-N-Click Adventure Game, played in a 3rd-person perspective, where you need to solve puzzles in order to progress, such as working out how to get the Guard to disappear from down below, so that you can continue through the right-side door on your quest to firstly repair Joey your helper Robot

Your helicopter crashes into the citys upper level, you manage to escape and hide in a factory, as you walk upstairs, then overhear a conversation that they really want you dead

After the conversation ends, the security guard remains below, you need to distract him by opening the doorway, once this is done, he comes up the stairs towards you after hearing the sound, you hide behind the door, and when you re-enter, you see the guard leaving via the left side door

It is at this point you can venture downstairs, and then to proceed, You need to get Joey (your robot) working, after which you need to distract a worker so you can steal items from his locker

Clues to your Next Task are revealed when you talk to the NPCs ingame, which will reveal snippets of information in order to help you continue your task

The Demo gives you a brief insight into the Full Game, which can be downloaded from for Free for the PC as it is now Freeware since the Games Source Code was released in August 2003 according to Wikipedia

I did email Revolution Software on Saturday 16th July 2022, well before Christmas, as I really wanted to surprise you all with the Full Amiga Release, I asked them if I could feature the Full Amiga Release on the Games Collection and Amiga Forever RP9 Format, and even asked them to contact me if they had any concerns etc

But sadly I never got any sort of reply back, which is such a big shame really, since it could of given them Pretty Good Publicity and maybe even more interest in their Games too


1) Inside the Commercial Amiga Release Executable file named “steelsky” – lies this very text:

2) If you install the Full Game on your Amiga Hard Disk, You may notice that the “Disk_11” folder is missing, this was skipped over during development

Developer: Revolution Software
Code: David Sykes, Tony Warriner, James Long
Graphics: Dave Gibbons, Stephen Oades, Adam Tween, Paul Humphreys, Steve Ince
Music: Dave Cummins
Sound: Tony Williams

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