This is Zombie Apocalypse II (AGA) by Paul Andrews in 1994

Well what can I say about this Game, other than it has kept me occupied for far too long while making the Gameplay Video

The basics of this Game is Shoot at Zombies, Yep, That is it, But it does it well, has tons of Blood and Body Parts flying around and is quite good to play just before lunch

You also need to collect Bullets which fall down from the top of the screen, as well as Grenades which clear the screen of Zombies in one use

Not a bad game if you need a quick blast, But sadly there is no real difficulty in finishing the levels, which just repeat when you get to the end of them

(NOTE: Lemon Amiga lists this game as Commercial, but the included documentation says PD/Freeware)

Developer: Vision
Code: Paul Andrews
Graphics: Rodney Smith
Music: Blair Zuppicich

Visits: 91

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