This is Gravity Force 2, released by Bits Productions in 1994

The Game is 2 players only, and you start with a White Ship as Player 1, and a Blue Ship as Player 2

Your aim is to kill your opponent before they kill you, You both start with 5 Lives and when you hit your opponent, they die and lose a life, until they have been defeated

The Game is well designed from the outset, with decent Graphics, There are Sound Effects, like Gun Fire, but No Music is included

At the bottom of the screen, you have various bars, depicting Shield, Fuel Special, Heat and Ammo, and once, for example, you Ammo bar has gone, you are then open to be attacked and killed, provided the other player has also not run out of Ammo as well

There are various levels you can play, including one from the first Game which Kingsoft allowed at the time it was released, so if you have another player, Give this one a blast!

I have also included 2 Level Packs from aminet, since they have been released as Freeware

Developer: Bits Productions
Code: Jens Andersson, Jan Kronqvist
Graphics: Jens Andersson, Jan Kronqvist

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