Bobs Garden (Mr.Do Clone)

Bobs Garden, is a clone of Mr.Do! from the Arcades. in which you have to collect the Cherries, while avoiding the enemies, there is also Apples which can be dropped on the Chickens as well

The gameplay is identical to Mr.Do! as in, you need to Score as many points as possible, while moving around through the dirt, Collecting Cherries, which are placed in groups of 8, You are constantly chased by Chickens, until you either BOP! them with an Apple on the head, or you can throw a Ball at them, which regenerates after a few seconds

As occasions the “EXTRA” (E) guy appears on screen, along with 4 Blue Monsters, which you can also BOP! with the Ball, which turns them into an Apple which the 2nd/3rd/4th Monster will eat, and then continue to chase you until they either get you, or you kill all 4 Monsters, after which the Chickens will start moving and hunting you down again.

The level is completed when you either eat all the Cherries, all Chickens are destroyed or if you manage to get the “EXTRA” spelled, and then you can progress on, at which stage a cutscene shows with upto the last 3 levels scores and times displayed.

On closing, Bobs Garden is a faithful remake of Mr.Do! for the Amiga, Playability-wise its a gem that needs to be (re)discovered by young and old, and will certainly keep you entertained for a few hours

Coder: Justin Leck

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