Wizzys Quest is a fun game, You play the Red character, who has to guide the Wizard (in Purple) to the Exit door, by building a pathway, You also have to avoid all the enemies, whereas the Wizard is immune to all of them, since he puts up a shield at the start when you both walk onto the game start screen (pre-entering the actual game itself)

The enemies are vast, from 2 types of Skeletons (one which will fall off any platform at any height, and the second kind, which will stay on the platform until you go below it, then they will fall off), Witches which move left to right and bounce off any object and Bouncing Balls which will follow you around, but only bounce on the ground, and weird Eyeball floating enemies who will follow you around the screen when the eyeball is open, they do move slow, but do need to be stopped by blocks which you can spawn, otherwise when they touch you, like any of the other enemies, you lose one of your 3 lives, and losing all of them, means Game Over.

Each level has different challenges, some have Scrolls which when picked up can reveal level name and level codes and sometimes other things, for instance in Level 1, you fall onto one, and it says “Welcome To Wizzys Quest”

It also apparently has a hidden Level Editor inside, although I am as of yet, to find how to activate this gem, as it would be great to make my own fiendishly hard levels to try out

On closing, Wizzys Quest is a very well made game, and I do keep revisiting it on occasion to try and beat the levels again, I have not yet fully completed this gem, as some of the later levels are very difficult to do, but with more and more practise I should eventually be able to beat them all.

Coder: Guido Appenzeller
Graphics: Guido Appenzeller / Sören Appenzeller
Music: Christoph Gund / Guido Appenzeller

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