This game is called Rollerpede by M.Donkin in 1994

As you can tell it is basically a Centipede clone, You control the ship at the bottom of the screen, and fire at the Green Bugs what appear from the top, as they move closer and closer towards the bottom of the screen

Shoot at them to turn them into Mushrooms and you can also shoot the Mushrooms for points as well, be sure to get them all before they get too close, you can move up and down about 1/4 of the screen to avoid them if required

There are other enemies which periodically appear, such as a Jumping Spider which when shot, will give you a time-limited powerup, and also a space ship type object which flies across the top of the screen

Your object is to eliminate the Centipede and then you will proceed onto the next level, and this wil carry on until Game Over

The game will be included on Kickstart 1.3, Due to colours being wrong under AGA/KS3

Code: M. Donkin
Graphics: D. Parker
Music: M. Donkin

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