Well what do we have here then, It is Balloonacy by Delboy Dodson in 1990, Written in AMOS

This game is pretty simple from the outset, where you must destroy all buildings down to the ground before you actually hit them yourself, which costs you a Balloon(Life)

As you fly over the buildings below, you have Bombs which you can drop, which explode the building down one level, you can only Fire the Bombs at set periods, so always try to go for the higher buildings first, as you pass over, vehicles will drive across the lower part of the screen

Be aware though, the Air is not as empty as you think, Birds and UFO’s will fly over periodically which you must avoid, or suffer loss of life

You can lower yourself as much as you want, But going up, requires Sand Bags, so to avoid buildings you do require Sand Bags (which are marked as (S) ingame), a few are given to you at the start of each level, and they can also be picked up during the Game

If these Sand Bags run out, you can no longer lift up to avoid buildings or flying objects, so it is vital you do not fly too low as you may not be able to avoid objects, which will cause your Balloon to POP! forcing you to the Ground, where you Blow up

There are also in game instructions which will explain how the game works

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