Well this rather unusual Game, is called Head Games, Created by Neil Sorenson in 1990 using Shoot ’em Up Construction Kit (SEUCK)

You are a small swimming ship, which appears to be swimming through someones intestines or bowels, There are various enemies, ranging from Heads, to Eyes, to Balls, what all fire in random directions aiming to kill you

There are rather strange bowel-style sounds throughout, while there are the Fire sounds and Explosion sounds as you would expect

There are also larger heads which are fixed in position, as you shoot these and they die, they slowly turn into a Skull in a 4-segmented design

Occasionally you will be put into a Static Screen, where you have a few enemies to shoot in order to proceed in the Game

This is a fun all-rounder which is worthy of a play through, and certainly is a quite well made and designed Game

Code: Neil Sorenson

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