This time it is the turn of 109, a SEUCK Game by an unknown author, around 1991

Sadly there is not really that much information about this Game online, even The SEUCK Vault does not know the Authors Name, as there is no documentation, and no author name even specified anywhere in the Game itself (perhaps they wanted to remain anonymous) – If you can help fill in the blanks, Please get in touch

Anyhows, In this Game you become a Pilot of a Messerschmitt 109 Fighter Plane, and as with all SEUCK Games, You shoot everything that moves, and of course, try to avoid any Gunfire coming your way

There are the usual planes what fly towards you downscreen, which can be double sized and therefore shooting them only destroys one half of them, so be aware of this and make sure to shoot both sides of the larger planes

While the Game is playable and may keep you entertained for mere minutes, Sadly I must say the Graphics are not Brilliant, and the Planes themselves, while looking somewhat like planes, just seem badly drawn

The background is also quite poorly designed, I have seen much better backgrounds in other SEUCK Games

Publisher: Nordlicht EDV-Service
Code: Unknown

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