This Game is called Realm of Maiyessae from 1989, by Jennifer Diane Reitz in S.E.U.C.K.

You have to help Tika and Hyssop make the Grade as a Pilot

On starting you need to avoid the “START” in the middle of the screen, and proceed to shoot weird Green Blob Objects, which fire out Green spikey things, which will kill you

There are also Blue Alien Creatures which walk down the screen towards you, upon killing them, they turn to Bones and disappear, along with Red flying creatures which you must also destroy

This is not a bad game, and is quite enjoyable to play, while the selection of enemies is not vast, it can become quite challenging when a few enemies are on the screen at the same time

The firing sounds of the enemies are present, along with your Fire sound, there are also Bird sound effects in the background occasionally, which add to the atmosphere of the Game

Developer: Accursed Toys
Code: Jennifer Diane Reitz

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